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In her feature film debut, ‘Queen & Slim’, director Melina Matsoukas has made a road drama that examines African American stereotypes and flipped them on their heads.

from The Treatment

“The L Word” is back after 10 years off air. Lots of young queer women saw themselves for the first time in the show’s characters.

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A new film about the CIA torture report brings to life the brutal reality of the crimes the agency committed post-9/11.

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This week grayscale paintings explore Americana, fabric sculptures straddle mediums, an artist plays with expressive linework, and LA artists respond to fire.

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They were once one company, then broken up, but now Shari Redstone is re-combining CBS and Viacom.

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This week, we talk with a Hollywood assistant who, like many, has not only been underpaid, but has had staplers and markers thrown at her.

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The title of writer/director Noah Baumbach’s new film, ‘Marriage Story’ both summarizes its intent and then goes beyond into a genre particular to its creator (who also made ‘The Squid…

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On Tuesday, presidential hopeful Julian Castro joined Black Lives Matter activists in front of LAPD headquarters to raise awareness of the 2018 fatal police shooting of Grechario Mack.

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Harvey Weinstein and the women who brought a civil case against him have potentially reached a $25 million settlement.

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