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Caryle Murphy
Freelance journalist; former public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars 
Catherine Murphy
Dan Murphy
Staff writer for the Christian Science Monitor
David Murphy
President of Angelenos Against Gridlock
David Murphy
Executive director of the International Rescue Committee
Deborah Murphy
Founder of Los Angeles Walks and chair of the City of Los Angeles' Pedestrian Advisory Committee ; urban designer with Deborah Murphy Urban Design + Planning, consultant at Melendrez Design Partners , professor at the University of Southern California and urban design consultant to the City of West Hollywood
Don Murphy
Producer of a number of controversial films including Natural Born Killers, Bully and the forthcoming Faces of Death
Erin Murphy
Expert in DNA forensics and a law professor at NYU. She’s the author of the new book “Inside the Cell: The Dark Side of Forensic DNA.”
John Murphy
Vice President for International Trade at the US Chamber of Commerce
Katie Murphy
Managing attorney at Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County , a member of the statewide Health Consumer Alliance
Katy Murphy
Higher education reporter for the San Jose Mercury-News
Kim Murphy
Seattle Bureau Chief, and former northwest correspondent, for the Los Angeles Times
Mike Murphy
Political media advisor to Mitt Romney, John McCain and many other Republicans
Paul Murphy
Alphaville editor and associate editor of the Financial Times
Richard Murphy
Scholar at the Middle East Institute in Washington, DC, and independent consultant; former Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs (1983-1989); former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (1981-1983) and Syria (1974-1978)
Ryan Murphy
Television producer, writer, director
Róisín Murphy
Irish singer-songwriter and record producer
Shelley Murphy
Reporter for the Boston Globe and co-author of Whitey Bulger : America’s Most Wanted Gangster and the Manhunt That Brought Him to Justice   
Tim Murphy
senior reporter for Mother Jones
Tim Murphy
Reporter on HIV/AIDS and LGBT issues for The Nation, The New York Times, New York magazine, Poz, Out, The Advocate and other outlets
Andy Murr
Los Angeles Correspondent for Newsweek Magazine
Naeem Murr
London-born writer now residing in the US and 2007 winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best Book of Europe and South Asia; recipient of a Stegner , Guggenheim and Lannan fellowship
Adam Murray
Director of the Inner City Law Center, a nonprofit that advocates for low-income people on housing issues
Cecil 'Chip' Murray
Former pastor of First African Methodist Episcopal Church ; John R. Tansey Chair of Christian Ethics at the University of Southern California and author of Twice Tested by Fire : A Memoir of Faith and Service
Dave Murray
Vice president with the Financial Integrity Network. He served nine years in the Treasury Department including Director of the Office of Illicit Finance
Douglas K. Murray
Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society and Associate Editor of Spectator magazine
Douglas Murray
Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, a British think-tank, and author of 'Neoconservatism: Why We Need It;
JaneAnne Murray
Defense lawyer and professor at the University of Minnesota Law School
Joseph Murray
Gastroenterologist and Celiac expert at the Mayo Clinic
Kris Murray
Anaheim City Councilwoman
Mark Murray
Executive director of Californians against Waste
Matthew Murray
Professor of Economics at the University of Tennessee, he also studies state fiscal issues for the Brookings Institution
Patrick Murray
Director of the Monmouth Polling Institute
Paul Murray
Irish novelist
Shailagh Murray
Congressional correspondent for the Washington Post
Dan Murrell
Dr. Zuri Murrell
Colorectal surgeon and Director of Cedars-Sinai Colorectal Cancer Center.
Samuel R. Murrian
Film writer for Parade Magazine.
Ben Murrie
Director of Program Management at Catharsis Productions, which runs sexual assault prevention programs at universities and at some military installations
Fatima Murrieta
Political science major at Loyola Marymount University
Srinivas Murthy
Assistant Professor of Critical Care at the University of British Columbia
Jumana Musa
Attorney and Advocacy Director for Domestic Human Rights and International Justice at Amnesty International
Marilyn Musgrave
Former US Congresswoman, she’s Vice President of Government Affairs at the Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion group
Robert Paul Musgrave
Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Music Go Music
Local dance rock trio Music Go Music create euphoric disco melodies when they perform on Morning Becomes Eclectic at 11:15am.
Robert Musil
President of the Rachel Carson Council
Elon Musk
Founder of  SpaceX , co-founder of  PayPal  and co-founder and CEO of  Tesla Motors
Carol Muske-Dukes
Poet Laureate of California (November, 2008); poet, novelist and essayist ; 2003 finalist for the National Book Award; regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times Book Review and New York Times Book Review ; Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Southern California
Muhammad Musri
Senior Imam and President of the Islamic Society of Central Florida and National President of American Islam
Charlie Musselwhite
American electric blues harmonica player and bandleader
Max Mutchnick
American television producer; co-creator of 'Will & Grace'
David Muth
Director for the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Program of the National Wildlife Federation in New Orleans
Kate Muth
Vice President of the Association for Postal Commerce , a trade group that represents companies that use mail as their primary form of communication
Murithi Mutiga
Independent journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya
Sana Muttalib
Co-president of the Women's Mosque of America
Alan Mutter
Media analyst who writes the Newsosaur blog and Professor of Journalism at the University of California-Berkeley 
Ben Mutzabaugh
Travel reporter for USA Today
Anna Muylaert
Brazilian screenwriter and television and film director; director of 'The Second Mother'
My Morning Jacket
American rock band from Kentucky
Jacques Myard
Member of the French National Assembly
Alyce Myatt
Media Arts Director at the National Endowment for the Arts
Julie Myers Wood
CEO of Guidepost Solutions, an investigative and compliance consulting firm; former director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement for the Department of Homeland Security (2005-2008)
Dowell Myers
Professor of Policy and Planning at the University of Southern California; author of Immigrants and Boomers : Forging a New Social Contract for the Future of America and Analysis with Local Census Data : Portraits of Change
Greg Myers
Community organizer for Organizing for America in Chester County, Pennsylvania
John Myers
Sacramento bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times; former senior editor of the California Politics and Government Desk at KQED
Jolie Myers
Jolie Myers brings experience in radio production, photojournalism, and web journalism, most recently working as associate producer on Marketplace 's Wealth and Poverty Desk
Kim Myers
TV producer and newly appointed Director of Diversity at the Writers Guild West
Paul Myers
Editor of the Foothills Sun-Gazette
Steven Lee Myers
Correspondent and former Moscow Bureau Chief for the New York Times
Courtney Mykytyn
Eileen Myles
American poet and writer of fiction, nonfiction, libretti, plays and performance pieces
Greg Myre
International editor for NPR; former Jerusalem Correspondent for the New York Times
Keris Myrick
President of the Board of Directors of the National Alliance on Mental Illness
Myron and E
Donna Myrow
Publisher and Executive Director at LA Youth, the teen-written newspaper, and member of the California Supreme Court Commission on Children in Foster Care
John Naber
Former President of the US Olympic Alumni Association; 1976 Olympic medalist in Swimming and author of 'Awaken the Olympian Within: Stories from America's Greatest Olympic Motivators'  
Rob Nabors
Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Keeve Nachman
Director of the Food Production and Public Health Program, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future
Michael Nachmanoff
Federal public defender for the Eastern District of Virginia
Nada Surf
Alternative rock trio, Nada Surf, perform new songs from The Weight is a Gift for Morning Becomes Eclectic at 11:15am.Click Here to Watch Video!
Steve Nadeau
Large carnivore manager for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game , overseeing the state’s bear, mountain lion, and wolf programs
Herb Nadel
Chairman and CEO of Nadel Architects, Inc.
Amanda Nadelberg
Poet and Editor at The Song Cave
Dave Nadelberg
Creator of "Mortified"
David Nadelberg
Television writer and producer ; Creator of Mortified Live and host/co-producer of The Mortified Sessions on the Sundance Channel ( official Mortified Twitter feed )
Steve Nadell
President of Troy-CSL Lighting
Ethan Nadelmann
Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a group that advocates for drug policy reform, based in New York, and an advisor to the Global Commission on Drug Policy
Alireza Nader
Policy analyst at the RAND Corporation and author of 'Iran after the Bomb: Solving the Persian Problem'
Ralph Nader
American political activist, author, lecturer and attorney
Manizha Naderi
Executive Director for Women for Afghan Women
Ahmad Nader Nadery
Commissioner with the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission and chairman of the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan , an independent watchdog
Bonnie Nadzam
Novelist; winner of the 2011 Center's Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel prize for 'Lamb'
Azar Nafisi
Novelist, journalist and academic; Visiting fellow and Director of Cultural Conversations at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC; author of Reading Lolita in Tehran and Things I Have Been Silent About , she is currently writing a book on the neglect of imagination and thought in the US
Tim Naftali
Clinical Associate Professor of History and Public Service at New York University; former senior research fellow at the New America Foundation; former director  of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library
Timothy Naftali
Former director of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, and Clinical Associate Professor of History and Public Service at NYU
Damon Nagami
Staff attorney at the National Resources Defense Council
Satish Nagarajaiah
Professor of Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at Rice University
Juan Cristobal Nagel
Professor of Economics at the Universidad de Los Andes in Santiago, Columbia; co-editor of Caracas Chronicles and co-author of Blogging the Revolution: Caracas Chronicles and the Hugo Chávez Era
Na'amit Nagel
Resident of Pico-Robertson and a writer who teaches English at Shalhevet High School
Gautham Nagesh
Reporter covering the FCC and tech policy for the Wall Street Journal

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