Meet Cecilia Apitz, one of KCRW’s featured artists for the Young Creators Project.
Photo courtesy of Cecilia Apitz.

Young Creators Art spotlight: Ceci Apitz

In Ceci Apitz’ photograph, a hand dips a spoon into a colorful bowl of fruit loops. A carton floats above pouring milk eerily into the bowl as if by magic. All of this is shot in front of a mottled yellow background, a color that seems to sing, “don’t worry, be happy.” Yet Apitz’ photograph is not a peaceful ode to blissfully eating breakfast cereals while watching Saturday morning cartoons. Her project in fact began with research into the American food system and the harmful chemicals that get added to our processed foods, many of which are outlawed in other countries.

To artfully convey this complex issue, eighteen-year-old Apitz set about recreating common foods using only inorganic and inedible objects. For another image in the series, she  pictures hands holding a juicy hamburger, the buns were made with foam, the lettuce with fake toy money, and the patty (inventively) was made from plastic toy dinosaurs. Apitz’ image which first draws the viewer in with her joyful compositions and colors offers a biting critique of our country’s food system. And here, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Ceci Apitz’ photograph for Young Creator’s Project critiques the American food system.

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