Allison Green: The Ghosts Who Travel with Me

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In The Ghosts Who Travel with Me: A Literary Pilgrimage Through Brautigan's America (Ooligan Press), Allison Green revisits a favorite author from her formative adolescent years only to discover that she can no longer relate to him. What she finds is that old books are really much like ancestors – you can't change them, even as you change. Green, a married lesbian, finds her hero, Richard Brautigan, both sexist and racist, but she decides to "grapple" with him. She takes her wife on the same road trip that Brautigan took in his best book, Trout Fishing in America. She comes home knowing what Brautigan has to teach her: he helps her find her voice. Emily Goldman at Ooligan Press, a press entirely run by students, describes the process of publishing this special literary memoir.

Read an excerpt from The Ghosts Who Travel with Me.

Photo: (L-R) Publisher Emily Goldman and author Allison Green (Rob LaFond)