What Does the Instagram Sale Mean for Retro Culture?

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charles phoenix

Last week saw an astounding billion dollars being paid for an app that can give a retro look to camera-phone photos. Instagram, a small startup, was bought by tech behemoth FacebookCharles Phoenix, a cult figure who collects and builds performances around actual retro photos of Americana, helps to process the cultural significance of the Instagram deal. Charles has a few shows coming up next month like his Big Retro Slide Show at MOCA Grand Avenue and his Disneyland Tour of Downtown Los Angeles, and he gives his thoughts on Instagram and how the trend for retrofying snapshots compares with what he does.


Frances' vintage Bugs Bunny sweater from a flea market photographed by Charles Phoenix with Instagram "Earlybird" filter.

Top image: Photograph of Charles Phoenix by Chris Haston with Instagram "Nashville" filter.