A sonic tour of Henry Rollins' house

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Tom Schnabel (L), with Frances Anderton and Henry Rollins
Photo by Camellia Tse

Henry Rollins is a long-time musician, host of a self-titled radio show on KCRW and an evangelical audiophile. He leads DnA's Frances Anderton and Rhythm Planet's Tom Schnabel on a sonic tour of his high fidelity audio-equipped home, and doesn't mince words about why we all should all own analog sound systems: "If you're going to listen to an MP3 -- which is sacrilegious -- through those ridiculous headphones through your phone, every band you're listening, you're sticking knives into their ribs, you are throwing them into the curb, and running them over with a truck."

(This segment originally aired on November 18, 2014)