What Kind of Change Will the NFL Stadium Bring to Inglewood?

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Over 250 people are working on the design of the new NFL stadium and its surroundings. DnA talked with just a few of the people shaping the ambitious project: developers Chris Meany and Gerard McCallum, architects Mark Williams and Lance Evans, and landscape architect Kush Parekh.

The stadium, with its performing arts center, shops and public spaces, is intended to provide far more for Inglewood than simply football.

The new NFL Stadium for Inglewood viewed from across a lake that will be part of the landscape design.
Image courtesy HKS Architects.

But some in Inglewood question the impact it will have on the city’s mostly black and Latino residents. DnA talks traffic, the approval process, gentrification -- and Trader Joe’s -- with Kali Nikitas, the city’s Arts Commissioner-at-large, Erin Aubry Kaplan, an Inglewood-based journalist, and James Butts, the city’s hard-charging mayor.