Jonathan Gold dines at The Hearth & Hound on Sunset

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April Bloomfield boasts a vegetable-centric menu with standouts like the
cabbage with oyster emulsion. Photo by Sierra Prescott.

Jonathan Gold visited The Hearth & Hound in Hollywood four times before writing his review for the LA Times. Even though the food is craveable, dining at an establishment co-owned by Ken Friedman forces diners to make a difficult choice. Should eaters support a talented woman chef, something the industry needs more of? Or should they vote with their wallets and refuse to support someone accused of misconduct? For Jonathan, Chef April Bloomfield’s rare talent and culinary perspective are reasons enough to go. Her menu revolves around open-fire cooking and surprising vegetable dishes like charred chicories with fromage blanc and cabbage with oyster emulsion.

Hearth & Hound: 6530 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028 | (323) 320-4022