Jonathan Gold dines at Verlaine in West Hollywood

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Photo of soft-fried beans at Verlaine by Jasmine Vo.

How often does Jonathan Gold declare that a dish might be “the best [insert extravagant food here] you have ever tasted in California”? Jonathan Gold raves about the soft-fried beans at chef Diego Hernandez’s Verlaine. After his takeover of Los Angeles institution Dominick’s, Hernandez began cultivating his Baja Med style of cooking in the patio-centric space and bringing it to Angelenos at an extremely fair price. And for the love of legumes, try the beans.

Verlaine: 8715 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90048 | (424) 288-4621

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Photo of chef Diego Hernandez and Esteban Luis by Jasmine Vo.