Remembering Jonathan Gold's favorite food flicks

Saoirse Ronan stars as Agatha, a baker of intricate pastries in Wes Anderson’s “Grand Budapest Hotel.” Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight.

In movies, food can represent many things. The documentary “Udon” depicts noodle making as an all-consuming obsession. In the 1995 rom-com “Christmas in Connecticut,” two unlikely lovers are brought together in the kitchen. And in the Wes Anderson film “Grand Budapest Hotel,” a baker uses her patisserie as an opportunity to help a love interest escape prison. In each of LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold’s recommended films, food is the active ingredient that brings people together. Find out what else made the list!

*This segment originally aired on June 8, 2018. KCRW is re-sharing it this weekend to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Jonathan Gold's passing.