Chocolate Asian Organic Gumbo

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We love John Scharffenberger, especially this time of the year when chocolate becomes a symbol of love and affection. He joins Evan to talk about his new factory and some of his favorite recipes for chocolate.
Corinne Trang's French-Vietnamese upbringing taught her a lot about cooking. She's here with her new book "At the Family Table," which explores the Asian side of her heritage and all of it's healthy and delicious culinary rewards.
Organic expert Bob Scowcroft is back to talk about, you got it, organic agriculture and all of the ups and downs of trying to give back to the land.
Ex-actress, Dana Holyfield, fled Hollywood to return to her homeland swamps, where she decided to write a cookbook. Gator steaks, Squirrel Stew and Gumbo are the topic of her new book "Swamp Cookin' with the River People.&quot