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This week on Good Food, host Evan Kleiman talks all about cookbooks to the people who write them and the people who know all about them. Actor Vincent Schiavelli discusses his soon-to-be-released memoir about growing up in Brooklyn, a story told through recipes. Leslie Jonaff, "Chronicle Books'" cookbook editor, tells us why there are so many cookbooks on the market these days. Grace Kirchenbaum scours the world for new cookbooks and reviews them in her "World of Cookbooks" catalog. We talk to the authors of "Lopgoose and Spotted Dog," a cookbook inspired by a historical novel. Cookbook collecting is big business and cookbook dealer Jan Langone gives us some insights into her world. Ellen Rose of L.A.'s "Cook's Library" gives us some ideas of new, wonderful and affordable cookbooks. We'll have the "Good Food Glossary" and, as always, a visit to the Farmers' Market.