Egg-cellent egg recipes for Easter

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We love a fried egg for breakfast, but this versatile protein source goes well beyond that. Photo by Coffeefy Workafe/Unsplash.

Spring. Rebirth. Renewal. Easter. Eggs represent all of these things. So, yes, even though eggs are obnoxiously expensive right now, we're going to celebrate Easter (and spring, in general) with recipes featuring this ancient symbol of new life. Time to get cracking.

While you’re cooking, we recommend putting on this conversation with Sofika Zielyk about her craft as a Ukrainian Easter egg artisan. Zielyk has been practicing the tradition, known as pysanka, since she was a young girl. Now, she’s using her craft to help contain the outrage and heartbreak over the ongoing war in Ukraine, her home country.


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Deviled Eggs With Turmeric

Chow down on Lisa Steele’s deviled eggs with a twist. Photo by Tina Rupp.

We love a traditional deviled egg. We also love this version, from Lisa Steele, which uses turmeric to turn the egg whites a vibrant yellow and kick the flavor up a notch. 

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Crispy Mollet Egg with Asparagus

Michael Ruhlman loves eggs so much that he wrote a book in 2014 featuring 100 egg recipes. This recipe comes from that book, "Egg: A Culinary Exploration of the World's Most Versatile Ingredient." He also prompted us to consider: Have we all been cooking our eggs wrong

So what is a mollet egg? It's a cross between a soft-boiled egg and a poached egg. And this recipe will teach you how to make one. 

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The Perfect French Omelet

Behold the perfect French omelet. Courtesy of Shutterstock.

How many times have you tried to make an omelet, only to end up with scrambled eggs? Christopher Kimball of Milk Street can help. In his book "The Science of Good Cooking," he offers recipes and explains why they work. For an omelet, he recommends two eggs and one yolk per serving. Don’t whisk or the proteins will toughen up. Cook it low and slow. 

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Eggs in Pepper Boats

Jacques Pepin, who recently talked to us about his book of chicken paintings, shared this recipe with Good Food a few years ago. It's an easy-to-make brunch or lunch dish that relies on banana, cubanelle, or poblano peppers. Combine them with cheese, cilantro and, well, eggs. 

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Spring is the perfect time to experiment with eggs. Photo by Cara Beth Buie/Unsplash.

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