Food Phobias

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All of us have a little food weirdness. Maybe it's fear of food or obsessiveness or maybe there is one thing that you'd rather starve than eat. Today, we're going to look at these quirks and find out where they come from. Leonard Schwartz of Maple Drive says that eggs are his favorite food; food writer Jonathan Gold--a man, by the way, who will eat BBQ pig uterus--is horrified by them. We've locked the two of them in a room together to see who'll win. "Spin City's" Richard Kind joins us to tell about his food phobias and obsession. And a food psychologist explains how our guests got this way. Then we'll switch gears and explore Italian food with an opera aficionado. Finally, we'll make a housecall to Joe Frank's kitchen pantry to show him how to make something from nothing. And we'll travel through the Farmers' Market with Laura Avery.