From Vietnam with Chiles; Adieu Julia

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Jet Tila of Bangkok Market talked about two restaurants. You can enjoy a relaxed Chinese Vietnamese meal at Lee Kam Kee Vietnamese Restaurant (626-282-7720) at 2505 West Valley Boulevard in Alhambra. Jet recommends the pho (soup), spring rolls (with pork skin and dipping sauce), ban xeo (egg crepe with saut-ed sprouts, mung beans, shrimp and pork) and sauteed beef cubes with pickled vegetables. He also spoke about Baguette du Jour (626-282-0109) at 2436 W Valley Boulevard in Alhambra--catty-corner from Lee Kam Kee, for their banh mi Vietnamese sandwiches and crispy spring rolls. But be careful: If you can't take the heat, take out the chiles!