‘In the Weeds’ with Jonathan Yang of Thank You Coffee

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An influx of businesses are opening in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, where second generation Chinese-American chefs and owners are returning to their roots with a sense of history and identity. Jonathan Yang opened Thank You Coffee, sharing a space with the stationery store, Paper Please. 

His journey with coffee began at UC San Diego, where he found a job at the coffee shop on campus. For this edition of “In the Weeds,” Yang recounts visits to Chinatown to spend time with his grandmother.  

Thank You Coffee abides by the golden rule of respecting your elders and offers a senior discount where any beverage is $3. “So far the grandpas seem to really like our sweet latte,” he attests. 

Yang hopes his peers in the San Gabriel Valley will reconsider Chinatown and its significance in the community, and that opening in the neighborhood will drive business back to the legacy establishments in Chinatown.

A few of his favorites include:

  • Longs Family Pastry for his favorite egg tarts
  • Pho Gigo’s Cafe & Deli for the egg rolls and summer rolls
  • My Dung Sandwich Shop for the banh mi
  • Zen Mei Bistro
  • Jade Wok

Thank You Coffee practices the golden rule of respecting your elders, and the shop discounts coffee for the aging community. Photo courtesy of Thank You Coffee.

Sharing a space with a stationery store, Thank You Coffee hopes to drive business back to the legacy business of Chinatown. Photo courtesy of Thank You Coffee.



Evan Kleiman