Greg Dudu and Roger Hayot

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Susan Feniger is out of town this week, and we're fortunate to have as a guest host Greg Dudu, chef and owner of Figs Restaurant in West Hollywood. Because we're a little wacky here at "Good Food", we're going to look at two totally opposite subjects today - Yom Kippur and shellfish. But first, we'll talk to food scientist Harold McGee about the effects of fasting on the body and on our metabolism. Then we pay a visit to Roger Hayot, chef at the Authentic Cafe and talk with him about a Moroccan break-the-fast meal for Yom Kippur. Next we'll hear the pros and cons of fish farming, and find out if we should be excited about the opening of the California rock lobster season. Jonathan Gold is back with us too, to give us a delicious dive we shouldn't miss; and we'll have the next installment of the "Good Food" quiz.