Casting ballots for comfort food

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Polina Chesnakova describes the Adjaruli version of khachapuri: The dough represents a boat, the filling is the sea, and the egg yolk symbolizes the sun. Photo by Paul Sirisalee

Good Food polled listeners as to what they’ll be eating on election night. Mac and cheese, wine, warm soup, and “my feelings” were a few of the responses. Comfort was the running theme. Polina Chesnakova offers versions of nachos, a croque monsieur, stuffed shells, and a khachapuri that hearkens back to her Georgian heritage. They’re all in her book of cozy recipes, “Hot Cheese.”

It’s sweater weather and time for the comfort recipes in book “Hot Cheese” by Polina Chesnakova. Photo courtesy of Chronicle Books



Evan Kleiman