Preserving the holidays and the gift of dehydration

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Master preserver Delilah Snell doesn’t reserve preservation techniques for mere humans but shares a version for dog treats in her first book, “Beginner’s Guide to Preserving.” Photo courtesy of Delilah Snell.

There are more techniques to preserving than just canning. Fermentation, dehydration, salting, smoking, and freezing are a few methods that master preserver Delilah Snell explores in her first book, “Beginner’s Guide to Preserving.” At the heart of preserving are tenets that Snell holds dear — sustainability, lack of waste, community, education, and the joy one finds in sharing abundance. Keeping food from spoiling is the common goal between the processes. Drying herbs in a paper bag is the easiest form of preservation. Flash freezing is another technique to preserve a fleeting fruit’s integrity, such as mulberries and boysenberries which have a short window of availability. Snell is the owner of Alta Baja Market and suggests gifting a dehydrator for someone itching to get into the preservation game. 



Evan Kleiman