Joel and Patterson’s Secret Bon Bon Recipe

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Today Betsy, our Director of Digital Media Content, brought in a spread of leftovers from her holiday potluck. There were chocolate chip cookies, brownies adorned with peppermint sticks, a bag of bacon caramel corn and a plate of half melted chocolate bon bons that weren’t getting much love (see above). BUT…chocolate lover Darby Maloney, producer of The Business, wasn’t fooled by the melty bon bons which she declared “intensely chocolately.” Jenny Radelet, producer of The Treatment ooh’d and ahh’d in agreement. Determined to find out the recipe we turned to Betsy for the secret. Here it is spelled out via g-chat:

a box of oreos
in a food processor
and one normal sized box of cream cheese
mix that s#@! up too
and then just dipped in melted chocolate

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best.