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The Treatment

The Treatment

A "treatment," in Hollywood parlance, is a concise overview of a screenplay. On The Treatment, film critic Elvis Mitchell turns the tables and gives the "treatment" to some of the most influential and innovative forces creating movies and popular art and entertainment.

Each week, Elvis speaks with an amazing array of guests, discussing everything from their inner conflicts to their interior design. With a straightforward style that understates his vast knowledge, Elvis is able to extract insights, issues and inspirations from even the most introverted guests. Conversations on The Treatment are mostly comfortable, sometimes contentious, but always fascinating.

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Franklin Leonard, Founder of The Black List

Franklin Leonard describes The Black List as "eHarmony for people who write movies and people who make movies." more >>


Mark Harris: Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War

"The sixth character was alcohol," journalist Mark Harris says of "Five Came Back," about five directors who filmed from the WWII trenches. more >>

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein: Portlandia

The creators and stars of IFC's original sketch comedy series "Portlandia" dish on its fourth season. more >>

Mindy Kaling: The Mindy Project

Comedian Mindy Kaling talks about how her first big break, in an off-off-Broadway show called "Matt & Ben," was actually quite literal. more >>

Dave Itzkoff: Mad as Hell

New York Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff discusses Paddy Chayefsky's 'wandering in the desert,' and the making of his 1976 classic, "Network." more >>

John Maloof and Charlie Siskel: Finding Vivian Maier

"I didn't know if it was good but I thought it was really good." John Maloof on finding a box of photos, a pivotal moment that led to the doc "Finding Vivian Maier." more >>

Robert Rodriguez: El Rey Network

Writer/director/producer Robert Rodriguez harkens back to the early days of television with his new network, El Rey. more >>

Wes Anderson: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson ponders the line, I think the world he wanted to live in ended long before he entered it, while discussing his eighth film as director, "The Grand Budapest … more >>

Dan Harmon: Community, Rick and Morty

"I don't trust authority. If your job is to tell me what to do, I think that's weird." Dan Harmon, the brain behind "Community," "Rick and Morty" and Harmontown. more >>

Andy Daly: Review

Comedian Andy Daly on playing all-American archetypes with a David Lynchian dark side. more >>

Dave Karger:

Dave Karger is unique among the ever-growing pack of 'Oscar experts.' He knows movies, yes. But what sets him apart is his historical sense of the Oscars. more >>

Bruce Dern: Nebraska

Oscar nominee Bruce Dern shares his thoughts on Cannes, the Kardashians, and the 'opera of life.' Contains explicit language . more >>

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller: The Lego Movie

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller on what it was like being nerds before the Internet made it cool, and starting a hunger strike in India. more >>

Morgan Neville: 20 Feet from Stardom

"They were professional chameleons, yet they had to stay true to who they were as artists." Director Morgan Neville talks about his Oscar-nominated documentary. more >>

Daniel Goor and Michael Schur: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" co-creators and comedy veterans Daniel Goor and Michael Schur on "MASH," Stephen Merchant and "Hill Street Blues." more >>

Alfonso Cuaron: Gravity

He's got the Critics Choice, Golden Globe, and DGA Awards for Best Director. Is an Oscar in the cards for Alfonso Cuarón? more >>
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Elvis Mitchell

Elvis Mitchell is an American film critic and host of KCRW's nationally syndicated pop culture and entertainment show, The Treatment, since its inception in 1996. Mitchell was born in Highland Park, Michigan and graduated in 1980 from Wayne State University, where he majored in English. He has served as a film critic for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where he received the 1999 AASFE award for criticism, the LA Weekly, the Detroit Free Press, and the New York Times. He served for a number of years as a pop culture commentator for Weekend Edition on NPR.



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