KCRW Wine Club – Summer Pledge Drive Edition

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We are so excited to present the Summer Pledge Drive edition of the KCRW Wine Club.  Sommelier Stacie Hunt (Du Vin and Splash Productions) has put together an incredible selection of summer wines for our listeners who pledge $150 or join KCRW at $20 or more per month. Simply call during Good Food (this Saturday, August 13, 11-Noon) or join online. Be sure to put ”Good Food” in the comments section of the online form.

Info on all the wines is after the jump…


This grape is not well-known outside of the Langudoc and Rhone regions.  In southern Rhone it is sometimes used to blend, giving the white wines a bit of a “pick-me-up” crispness.

In the Langudoc, this grape is beginning to gather a following because of its low alcohol (12.5%) and

In Your Glass: Pale yellow color with flecks of green.

On Your Nose: Lime/Lemon; white citrus flowers; white pepper, minerals

In Your Mouth: Not complicated.  A taste that is crisp and dry as with a Sauvignon Blanc, but softer.  This is a good wine to start the afternoon or evening as an aperitif, or to take on a picnic or to the pool.

On Your Plate: Seafood, salads, tuna sandwich.

Kind of like lemonade for the over 21 set!


The Zniber family created the first controlled appellatio in Morocco in 1998 in the Guerrouane region. The Appellation Guerrouane is a region of northern Morocco, located south of the imperial city of Meknes in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The area has been producing wines for more than 2000 years – during the time of the Roman Empire.

In Your Glass: Salmon Color with rose highlights. 100% Carignan.

On Your Nose: Ripe, clean fruit like melon, and vanilla custard. Hints of that deliciously characteristic Mediterranean heat.

In Your Mouth: Rich berry, melon fruits that finish dry.  Courtyard wine.

On Your Plate:  Cheese and nuts and olives. Sweet shellfish. Smoky meats.


Barbera is the most widely planted red grape in the Piemonte region of NW Italy.  In 2008, its appellation was upgraded to DOCG status, the highest appellation rating in Italy.  The Barbera d’Asti title encompasses the area around the town of Asti, and exclusively focuses on red wines made from Barbera. Softer and more approachable in its youth than the other major red grape, Nebbiolo, which makes Piedmont’s most prestigious wines:  Barolo and Barbaresco.

Barbera is a firm favorite once you taste it.  This one takes a little chill really well.  About 7 minutes in the fridge before opening.

In Your Glass: 100% Barbera from the neighborhood of Asti. Ruby to garnet.

On Your Nose: Cherry, strawberry

In Your Mouth: Rich Fruit Fruit Fruit! Easy drinking with low tannins.  Just enough acidity (read crispness) to freshen up your mouth, but truly juicy.

On Your Plate: Anything with tomatoes; Pizza; Caprese Salad; Sausage on the grill.