Korean vegan, Golden Tortilla winner, huitlacoche, milk bread

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The classic three-segment loaf is a popular form for milk bread. Kristina Cho, architect turned food blogger, shares how the versatile, pillowy dough translates into many shapes and recipes. Photo by Kristina Cho.

Attorney Joanne Lee Molinaro went vegan five years ago, modernizing the traditional Korean foods of her childhood and documenting the journey on TikTok as the Korean Vegan. She shares recipes and her family’s immigrant story in her new cookbook. Burritos La Palma is the winner of this year’s Great Tortilla Tournament of Champions, and owner Albert Bañuelos has been receiving congratulations from Jerez, where his father started the tortilleria over 40 years ago. At the farmer’s market, a Mexican delicacy known as huitlacoche is making a rare appearance. Kristina Cho uses her background in architecture to bake a perfectly versatile milk bread. There’s no looking back for pastry chef Hannah Ziskin who opened the doors of House of Gluten during the pandemic, and shares what’s next for “In the Weeds.” Finally, LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison visits Agnes in Pasadena.



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