Solidarity in Minneapolis, Black entrepreneurship, gospel fried chicken

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Trio restaurant in Minneapolis closed last week in solidarity with protesters. This week, owner Louis Hunter has re-opened and is feeding clean-up crews. Photo credit: Carina Lofren Photography

A note from Evan Kleiman: After 11 full weeks of being told to stay home, the killing of George Floyd stirred Los Angeles to come outside in great numbers to walk in solidarity. This week, I was moved to see the grace and compassion from restaurateurs whose restaurants experienced damage. Instead of being angry at the loss, they posted messages of solidarity for Black Lives Matter. Let’s say that again. Black Lives Matter. Property can be replaced, lives cannot. The only way to talk about food in such times is to acknowledge that food and food media are not free of overt or structural racism. Who am I, an older white woman to give you comfort? I feel like it is about time we owned our own discomfort, sat with it a while, and learned from it. It’s my job to speak, but all I want to do right now is listen.



Evan Kleiman