Native American food sovereignty, Nicolas Cage’s ‘Pig,’ Bourdain, bao

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Director Sanjay Rawal focuses on the Native American movement of reconnecting to spirituality and cultural identity in his film “Gather.” Photo by Renan Ozturk.

The long holiday weekend calls for time to veg out. If you had too many helpings of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving, well it’s time to be a couch potato and tune into some of Good Food’s favorite movie segments from past years. Sanjay Rawal directed the film “Gather” and discusses the growing movement of Native Americans working to reconnect with their spiritual and cultural identity. Michael Sarnoski and Vanessa Block are the duo behind “Pig,” starring Nicolas Cage, and they share what it takes to bring authenticity to restaurant and food culture in a script. Director Morgan Neville pays tribute to Anthony Bourdain in his film “Roadrunner,” with moments of joyful remembrances and revelations that things aren’t always as they appear. Pixar’s “Bao” is an eight-minute film directed by Domee Shi that follows a Chinese Canadian mother who becomes lonely after her son leaves home, and she gets a second chance at motherhood when a steamed bun comes to life in her kitchen. Quentin Tarantino joins Elvis Mitchell in conversation about using food as a metaphor for power in his work. Nathan Park reveals the hidden backstory of economic insecurity and fried chicken in the Academy Award-winning film “Parasite.”



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