The power of giving back by baking, farming, and eating dim sum

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Damian Diaz (seen here) and his business partner, Othón Nolasco, are behind No Us Without You, a Boyle Heights-based nonprofit feeding 1400 families of undocumented restaurant workers a week. Photo by Mel Castro.

A note from Evan Kleiman: I am devoting this show to something that has sustained me this year — the power of giving. No matter how comfortable our circumstances may or may not be, we are all looking for ways to help. For me, the combination of feeling powerless in isolation has made the impulse to give stronger than ever. So for this show, I want to highlight those who are giving their all, whether it’s fighting to save a community of restaurants, or urging city councils to adopt better policy. Every single person on this show made an impact this year, and I want to invite you, the Good Food community, to support them in their work.



Evan Kleiman