Punch Party; Tejocote; Fighting the Flu; Oysters

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Punch parties date back to the Founding Fathers.  Wyatt Peabody wants to bring punch back into fashion.  To make a Mexican Christmas punch, you'll need the tejocoteDavid Karp tells the incredible story of this hard-to-find fruit.  Party hoppers should hear Helena Echlin's advice for navigating holiday fiestas.  She's got some ideas for foolproof cocktail recipes as well.


E. Coli contamination continues to plague our food supply.  The latest proposal wants cows vaccinated against the bacteria.  Marion Nestle weighs in on this debate.  Just as controversial in the world of food politics is the issue of genetically modified foods.  Per Pinstrup-Anderson believes that GMO's can help combat global hunger.


Veteran cookbook author Paula Wolfert shares the wonders of clay pot cooking.  Robert Sietsema gives us some dining ideas for New York City.  Plus, K.C. Compton is waging a fight against the flu with garlic and herbs.  And Amelia Saltsman gives us a recipe for easy applesauce.  

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