Recipe: Cipollini Onions with Potatoes and Chanterelles

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Private chef David Rubell recently created a winter barbecue menu with an array of side dishes using winter vegetables. He uses cipollini onions with potatoes and chanterelles.  He shared his recipe with Laura Avery on this week’s Market Report.  (keep reading for the recipe).

Cipollini Onions with Potatoes and Chanterelles

Snip the tops off the ciapolini onion and drizzle with olive oil salt and pepper.
Add a few tablespoons of sherry vinegar and roast covered with foil for about 1 1/2 hours at 300′
After they are done, cool and gently peel the skin off toward the root end which should just pop right off at the same time.
Set the onions with their respective juices aside for the moment.
Par boil the fingerling potato’s until almost done. Then split them in half length wise.
Drizzle with olive oil salt and pepper and put on a hot grill for about 5-10 minutes or until done and you have nice grill marks. (nice grill marks mean good flavor!)
At this point mix the potato and cipollini’s together and slice your chanterelles. (you can also pull them apart, leaving nice chunks.)
Add them to you mixture.
Chop a couple of tablespoons of fresh dill and also add to the mix. Reserve some for garnish.
Check for salt and pepper before covering with foil and baking for about 20 minutes to cook the mushrooms and allowing the flavors to come together.
At this point you are grilling your meats and finishing other various side dishes.
Serve the potato dish garnished with fresh dill!!

He served this with Grilled Prime New York Steaks with Blue Cheese Green Peppercorn Butter.
Smoked Babyback Ribs and Grilled Black Cod with Japanese BBQ sauce.