Seven Tools Every Home Baker Needs

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Rose Levy Beranbaum is the baking queen. She has won three James Beard Awards and is the author of “the Bibles” meaning The Cake Bible, The Pie and Pastry Bible and her newest publication, The Baking Bible. She also has her own line of cookware called Rose Levy Bakeware, and is kitchen tool fanatic.

This week on Good Food she recommends her favorite baking tools from ovens down to measuring cups. If you want more information on her favorite baking equipment, there are sixteen pages devoted to the topic in The Baking Bible.

 “The oven is the soul of baking, and the oven is the common denominator of failure. When people have problems with [baking] it’s more often than not the oven temperature.” – Rose Levy Beranbaum

BEST OVEN: The Breville Smart Oven (Rose prefers the larger version)

BEST BREAD MIXER: The Ankarsrum bread mixer from Sweden. Rose says it is “fabulous for making bead it will never wear out”

BEST STAND MIXER: Rose uses both KitchenAid and Cuisineart stand mixers but feels like CuisineArt is a stronger motor.

BEST SCALE: Escali kitchen scales are durable and accurate to the gram. Rose collaborated with Escali to create the Rose Scale

BEST MEASURING CUPS: The Pourfect line is great for volumetric measuring
BEST STOCKING STUFFER: The Crack ’em is Rose’s pick for a small, inexpensive gift for the baker in your life