Sons and mothers, chef-worthy vegetables, lechon

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An early photo of New York Times cooking writer Eric Kim, who spent an unexpected nine months back home in Atlanta with his mom during the pandemic, cooking by her side and learning some life lessons in the process. Photo courtesy of Eric Kim.

There’s something special about the relationship between a boy and his mom. In anticipation of Mother’s Day, Good Food hears from Eric Kim, who returned home to Atlanta to work on his upcoming cookbook with his mom. This week’s “In the Weeds” takes listeners to Woon Kitchen in Historic Filipinotown, where Keegan Fong and Mama Fong are making a mean bowl of beef noodles. Farmer Lee Jones shares how his family’s rags-to-riches farm went bust but rebuilt with vegetables that are sought after by the world’s best chefs. Edible flowers are blooming at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Artist and illustrator Lindsay Gardner pays homage to 112 women in the food world. Finally, Bill Esparza is excited about a lechon taco that can be found in the city of Cudahy. 



Evan Kleiman