The Butler Does It; Plate Spinners; He-Man Honey; Dinner with a Dictionary

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Arlene Hirst is the deputy director of design/news at Metropolitan Home, a leading home design magazine, where she reports on the latest trends in contemporary home furnishings. She's also the author of Dinner is Served: An English Butler's Guide to the Art of the Table, co-written with Arthur Inch, a butler of more than 50 years of experience in private service for some of Britain's finest estates.

Steve Flynn and Walter Lowry are co-owners of Table Art (323-653-8278) at 7977 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. Steve spoke about the colorful history of china. Their website will launch on April 1.

Chaco Kim, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Japanese restaurant developer Gyu-Kaku, which launched its first restaurant in 2000 and it was an immediate success. She launched two more restaurants before joining the Umenohana team last August, three months before it opened in Beverly Hills. Umenohana is an experience is Kaiseki dining, a traditional Japanese meal that features seasonal foods through many courses in small portions.

Helene Marshall and her husband, Spencer, have owned and operated Marshall-s Farm Honey in Northern California for ten years. Marshall-s farm makes about 25 different flavors of honey, cultivated from 100 different locations in Northern California.

Phil Vettel, restaurant critic for the Chicago Tribune, speaks with Evan about -intellectual dining- at Alinea, a Chicago restaurant where Chef Grant Achatz will push the dining envelope come April.

Jet Tila owns Bangkok Market, the first Thai import company in the US. Bangkok Market carries every conceivable Southeast Asian cooking need and many Latin American ingredients. Jet spoke about a new Thair restaurant craze in North Hollywood.

Bua Siam Restaurant (Closed Thursdays)
12924 Sherman Way
North Hollywood.