The Hungry Cyclist; Mineralists; Avoiding Salmonella; BBQ Cook-off; The Mother of California Cuisine

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The Hungry Cyclist has cycled his way from England across the US and now south to Mexico. We catch up with Tom Kevill-Davis to hear what he's eating and how he's being received. You've heard of vegetarians and vegans, but what about mineralists? Those so repulsed by consuming life that they will only eat truly non-alive things like magnesiums and salts. Alex Boese tells us about this and other food oddities. Evan offers tips to avoid Salmonella, which is found in 16% of every chicken and egg. Plus a barbecue king will reign in LA this weekend. News on LA's first barbecue cook-off. Before Julia Child and Alice Waters there was Helen Evans Brown. Writer Ariel Swartley introduces us to the forerunner of Californian cuisine, who wrote cookbooks and gave cooking lessons on TV and radio. Jonathan Gold says you don't have to go to the ends of the earth to eat traditional Chinese duck. Plus, the Indian subcontinent in all its delicious glory with reports from author Naomi Duguid.