Tortas That Tweet; Fresh Food; Water Infrastructure; Hot Pots

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When vendors selling Mexican food in a Breed Street parking lot were forced to disperse, they retreated to Twitter.  Jonathan Gold tells us how the social networking site is a tool for finding great pozole.  What does "fresh" mean when it comes to food?  Susanne Freidberg says "fresh" is more about industrialization than nature.   Janice Revell has tips for how to keep your food from going bad.  Crystal Blanchette teaches cooking to women living at the YMCA.  California is in the midst of water crisis.  Rita Schmidt Sudman details how we get our water here in Southern California.  Cool winter nights in Los Angeles are a good time to start thinking about hot chocolate.  Lesley Balla of Tasting Table LA shares some hot chocolate standouts in LA.  And Frank Ostini and Gray Hartley of the Hitching Post have a new wine variety called Valdiguie.  Harris Salat and Tadashi Ono introduce us to Japanese hot pot cooking.  And Laura Avery reports from the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

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