What Does a Bookworm Eat?

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By KCRW’s Connie Alvarez

n49005462319_1330774_4680Based on its diet, what do you call a bookworm?  A papervore?  Our particular bookworm, Michael Silverblatt, is a carnivore with a voracious appetite for literary fiction.  The host of KCRW’s Bookworm often can’t stop reading long enough to even consider cooking (microwave meals don’t count).  Instead, he finds a place with delicious vittles and settles in to kill a few chapters while getting fed.

Lately, his place of choice has been Salt’s Cure.  In fact, he does his reading and eating there so often that they’ve named a sandwich after him!  Next time you make it in to Salt’s Cure, ask for The Bookworm — yummy ham and greens on sourdough.