What’s In Season: Blood Oranges, Rutabagas and Cherimoyas

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Laura Avery is the market manager for the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market and the host of Good Food’s Market Report.

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Blood oranges from JJ’s Lone Daughter Ranch.  Seasonal favorites are tangy-citrus flavored – great for juice, salads and dressing.  Wednesday, Saturday Santa Monica.

blog021211 009Marlene Urrea, forager and sales person for Fresh Point with a bucket of cilantro flowers bound for Red Medicine restaurant in Beverly Hills.  From Mud Creek Ranch.

blog021211 010Lemon Grass from Xiong Pao Her at the Wednesday is a staple at Hmong stands in the markets.  Lemon grass is used for simmering and braising to impart a deep lemony flavor.

blog021211 001How asparagus grows – Green Farm (“Life’s A Choke”) in Lompoc  – a 17-acre field provides almost year-round asparagus for 10 LA and Ventura County Farmers Markets

blog021211 004Rutabagas from Flora Bella Farm – dense, flavorful root crops are delicious baked, pureed; hot or cold in salads or as a side dish.  Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday Santa Monica

blog021211 005Cherimoyas – super sweet creamy tropical fruits are lumpy, full of smooth black seeds and delicious when fully ripe.  Mud Creek Ranch, Gallardo, Coleman; Wednesday Santa Monica, Saturday (Gallardo)