‘Lion King’ cinematographer Caleb Deschanel on falling in love with virtual animals

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Disney’s live action ‘Lion King’ arrives in theaters just days from now--and box-office expectations are higher than pride rock.

Six-time Oscar nominee Caleb Deschanel was the cinematographer for this most recent reimagining of a Disney animated classic. He joined us earlier this year to talk about his work on the German film ‘Never Look Away.’

Deschanel told us then that though he doesn’t speak German, filming actors who spoke a language he didn’t understand was no big deal--he’s worked with many stars over the years who don’t speak at all. There was a horse in ‘The Black Stallion,’ for example, and a flock of geese in ‘Fly Away Home.’

Deschanel said working on the ‘Lion King’ in London wasn’t comparable to anything he’s shot in his more than 40-year career. He also tells us how he unexpectedly got more emotionally attached to the virtual animals in the ‘Lion King’ than any of the real ones he worked with previously.




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