The First and Last Time I Robbed a Bank

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The first story comes from a podcast called "First Time Last Time," from producer, host, public radio guru Ben Adair and it tells these sometimes-big sometimes-small stories that are milestones in peoples lives… Firsts and Lasts ... of all kinds.

Joe Loya was once known as the smooth-talking "Beirut Bandit," During a 14-month crime spree in the 1980's, he robbed dozens of banks all over Southern California — so many, even he lost count. Then, he got arrested. And then he robbed five more. He talked to Ben about how he got became a bank robber — how he got the idea and then the nerve… to knock over that first bank.

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Joe Loya wrote a book about his life … his descent into crime … and how he turned his life around in prison. It’s called, "The Man Who Outgrew His Prison Cell."

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