The Week Ahead: Today’s Top Tune 5.21 – 5.25.18

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An eclectic mix of five songs await you, as we cue up another round of Today’s Top Tune. We begin with EELS, who launch their North American tour from LA with shows at The Glass House and Fonda Theater in late May. Jazz luminary Kamasi Washington ponders cosmic themes on his sophomore full-length. Brisbane based singer/songwriter Hatchie delivers her debut EP. Michael Nau finally records a live show favorite. And we wrap up the week with a tantalizing song by Coby Brown

Monday, May 21 EELS “Today Is The Day”

The dark force behind EELS, Mark Oliver Everett, doesn’t come off as a cheery type of guy. “Today Is The Day” sounds like him but is airy and cheerful with an optimistic perspective.

Tuesday, May 22 Kamasi Washington “The Space Travelers Lullaby”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kamasi Washington grew up playing jazz in legendary Leimert Park under the tutelage of his father. His sophomore album explores everyday realities and cosmic themes. Big ideas take time, so the finished recording clocks in at 2 1/2 hours. Join the band on their journey into “The Space Travelers Lullaby.”

Wednesday, May 23 Hatchie “Sleep”

​Austrialian singer and bassist Harriette Pilbeam aka Hatchie gravitates towards celestial dream pop. How does she conjure her brand of pop? Pilbeam says  “All of my songs usually start with a couple of lines that are very true, things that I think and write in my diary, and then the rest of the song isn’t really necessarily about me.” You’ll find “Sleep” on Hatchie’s debut EP out at the end of the week.

Thursday, May 24 Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread “Less Than Positive”

​Loose and freewheeling artist Michael Nau (and his band The Mighty Thread) ​has finally taped a live show favorite “Less Than Positive.” Recorded on the final day of sessions, this existential love song came together without overdubs, much like the way they play it live. Enjoy!

Friday, May 25 Coby​ Brown “Cannonball”

LA-based Coby Brown talks about his new song “Cannonball” by saying: “The idea for the music came out of a different project I was working on. There was a scrap of a marimba line that I couldn’t get out of my head, so I kept it and developed it into the structure for the song. I had an image of cannonball that had its inertia overcome by gravity and was starting to free-fall from way up high.” Check it out.

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