MBE Dec. 13: Mourning the loss of surrealist composer Angelo Badalamenti

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Today we celebrate acclaimed composer, and constant David Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti. The Brookln-born artist has long been one of the chief architects in establishing Lynch’s signature dream-logic-tinged work. A truly eclectic artist, Angelo Badalamenti’s life and legacy is woven throughout today’s show. Surreal jazz boppers, Nina Simone collabs, and the man of the hour in his own words explaining the magic of writing “Laura Palmer’s Theme” for Twin Peaks. All of this and more awaits, plus play “spot the influence” of Badalamenti’s work on so many of MBE’s contemporary faves. 

Ever the consummate professional, our friend and weatherman showed up to work this morning despite this heavy loss. We thank him immensely for reporting on the skies every single day. But today’s program isn’t all sober reflection, and existential ponderance — we have KCRW’s final Top 30 Chart of 2022 to riff about. Could this be a tantalizing preview of tomorrow’s 2022 Best Of extravaganza? Only one way to find out. 

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Anna Chang