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Photo: Matewan, West Virginia (FloNight)

Trump cleaves the GOP into unprecedented alliances 6 MIN, 31 SEC

Donald Trump continues to thumb his nose at the Republican Party. He's expressed no regrets about attacking a Gold Star Family, despite criticism from GOP leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Arizona Senator John McCain. Despite their concerns, they have not withdrawn their endorsements of Trump. But he's now refusing to endorse them in primary elections coming up soon. Ron Elving, senior editor and correspondent on the Washington Desk for NPR News, has more.

Ron Elving, NPR (@NPRrelving)

Donald Trump: Unlikely hero of a vanishing culture 32 MIN, 21 SEC

’Donald Trump is "politically incorrect" in many ways, from racist attacks on Mexicans and Muslims, to questioning NATO and praising Vladimir Putin. He's refused to endorse some GOP leaders even though they've endorsed him. So, why are Trump supporters rock solid, however outrageous he sounds? The answer may lie with millions of white Americans, and the economic anxiety and fear of cultural change ignored by both parties for too long. We hear about Trump's constituency — and the challenge it poses for both political parties, whoever wins in November.

J.D. Vance, author (@JDVance1)
Sam Tanenhaus, Bloomberg View (@samtanenhaus)
Cliff Schecter, Daily Beast (@cliffschecter)

Vance on the white working class, patriotism and the rise of Donald Trump
Tanenhaus on race, America's great unsolvable problem
Tanenhaus' 'The Death of Conservatism: A Movement and Its Consequences'
Rand survey on 'outsider popularity,' candidates' ideology
David Brooks on 'the organization kid'

Hillbilly Elegy

J. D. Vance

Did the US pay ransom to Iran for release of American prisoners? 11 MIN, 3 SEC

Ronald Reagan was embarrassed by a swap with Iran of arms for American hostages. Did the Obama Administration make a similar trade?

US Secretary of State shakes the hand of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian
Photo: US State Department

In January of this year, the US and Iran reached their nuclear deal and Iran had released four American prisoners. President Obama said it was time to resolve a dispute over an arms deal made before the Islamic revolution overthrew the Shah of Iran. It was worth $1.7 billion. What Obama did not say was that $400 million in cash had already been airlifted to Iran. Today, the White House says the timing was coincidental — denying that ransom was paid for the release of the prisoners. Jay Solomon is reporting the story for the Wall Street Journal.

Jay Solomon, Wall Street Journal (@WSJSolomon)

The Iran Wars

Jay Solomon

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