How to volunteer, in person or virtually, this holiday season in LA

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During this pandemic, many Angelenos are facing unemployment and food insecurity, and dealing with mental health issues. All of this might be more acute during the holidays. So for people who want to help, there are both virtual and in-person opportunities. 

Because it’s winter, many shelters need blankets, socks and hygiene products, so you can donate those, says Nahtahna Cabanes of the nonprofit LA Works.

If people have particular skills such as grant writing or marketing, Cabanes says that kind of expertise can greatly help nonprofits whose budgets are extremely tight right now.

If people are comfortable volunteering in person, Cabanes says LA Works is encouraging people to help at COVID-19 testing sites and food pantries, whose needs are immense right now. 

For those who want to donate money, Cabanes says some small local community-based organizations, including faith-based, can benefit the most from donations. “These agencies are out there today, and they’re trying to make sure that the community’s needs are met.”

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