‘WOMANHOUSE’ and Diedrick Brackens’ weavings: Check out new LA art exhibits

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Diedrick Brackens’s “all caught and flow up,” 2018. Woven cotton. 39 x 41 inches. Collection of Yas and Bob Baravarian. © Diedrick Brackens. Photo courtesy of the artist, Jack Shainman Gallery, New York and Various Small Fires, Los Angeles and Seoul.

WOMANHOUSE” is back for its 50th anniversary, focusing on a feminist perspective and highlighting paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures from several key artists who were part of the original 1972 installation. “WOMANHOUSE” came out of a program run by Judy Chicago and Miriam Shapiro at CalArts. It’s on view now through April 16 at Anat Ebgi’s gallery on 4859 Fountain Avenue. 

Judy Chicago talks about the groundbreaking feminist art installation she created in 1972 with Miriam Shapiro. Fifty years later, “WOMANHOUSE” is now on display at Anat Ebgi’s gallery on 4859 Fountain Avenue. Credit: National Museum of Women in the Arts/YouTube.

At Craft Contemporary, “Diedrick Brackens: heaven is a muddy riverbed” shows the artist’s different weaving techniques. His work includes figures and objects, including a catfish, that are allegorical or symbolic, and they’re placed alongside poetry. He pulls from his childhood in Texas, and larger political events and themes around African American and queer identity. The exhibit runs through May 8.