All Power Books: West Adams’ bookstore meets mutual aid space

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All Power Books offers the community more than just books — a community fridge is a big draw for neighbors. Photo by Savannah Boyd.

In the West Adams neighborhood, a sign in the window says “bookstore,” but the space is much more than that. At volunteer-run All Power Books, residents in the area come for the literature, but they can also pick up free essentials, such as clothing and food from the community fridge. 

What began as a mutual aid group serving Angelenos in spring 2020 is now, thanks to crowdfunding and other donations, a place where locals can attend events and buy books, kids can do their homework, and neighbors can get help filling out housing vouchers.

All Power Books offers fresh produce, potatoes, and beans to the community. Photo by Savannah Boyd.

Co-owner Savannah Boyd says, “It's really just a space where you can go to exist without having to prove your worth by paying for something.” And her hope is that they don’t get priced out of the gentrifying neighborhood.

Right now, a looming rent increase and building renovations are forcing the owners to move to a smaller location next door, and the future of the storefront remains uncertain.

If lease negotiations fail, Boyd and her partners don’t plan on stopping their community work.

“We'll be working out of our cars, we'll be working out of our houses,” Boyd explains. “We're just a bunch of young kids that are struggling ourselves, but we won't stop as long as there's a need.”