From mechanics to battery waste, how EVs are shaping industry

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(L to R) Pasadena City College automotive technician students Tahar Ellouz, Javier Compos and Joshua Wharton, work to access the battery of an all-electric Chevy Bolt during the lab of an introductory course on electric car repair. Photo by Megan Jamerson.

Electric cars will be a part of SoCal’s transportation future, and automotive students will help the state prepare for that. 

California has yet to come up with a plan to responsibly recover or recycle the large, toxic lithium-ion batteries once electric vehicles run their course, and there are no EV battery recycling facilities in the Golden State.

Many Angelenos of Ukrainian descent feel anxious about the Russian troops stationed along the Russia-Ukraine border, and they rallied in Westwood over the weekend to show solidarity with their homeland.