Unhoused Angelenos are freezing as winter vouchers go unused

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A homeless encampment is seen in downtown LA, October 14, 2022. This year, in the worst winter weather, the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority will provide just over 600 extra shelter beds to serve the nearly 50,000 Angelenos who sleep on the streets every night. Photo by Amy Ta.

LAHSA’s “reimagined” winter shelter program provides both beds and motel vouchers to unhoused Angelenos looking to stay warm. But fewer beds are being offered than ever, while many vouchers go unused. 

Photographer Lev Rukhin moved to LA in 2010 and started shooting its street scenes from an old Volvo station wagon as a way to engage and spend time with his daughter. Twelve years later, he’s still going.

A new park celebrates the decades-long anniversary of Mendez, et al. v. Westminster School District, et. al, a court case in the mid-1940s that challenged school segregation.