The discovery and sale of Cecil B. DeMille's alcohol stash

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Wine importer and distributor Caroline Debbané recently came across a noteworthy alcohol collection in a cellar in Lakeview Terrace, a suburb in the San Fernando Valley. The collection belonged to Hollywood heavyweight Cecil B. DeMille. 

Debbané carefully catalogued and assessed over 200 bottles — some empty, some full — of spirits, wines, and ports for the owner of the house. 

One key finding was a dusty empty bottle of sherry with a note attached, saying: “This bottle of sherry was bought in New York City the day Constance and I were married, Aug. 16, 1902. We decided to keep it until the wedding of our first born — we did open it then because the cellar was full of soldiers.” It was signed and dated by DeMille, which authenticated the entire liquor collection.



  • Caroline Debbané - President/Owner Caroline Debbané Selections, Wine Importer & Distributor