It wasn’t a Blue wave this election, but Orange County begins to hue blue

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Over the weekend, many people in deep blue California took to the streets to celebrate Joe Biden’s presidential victory, shooting off fireworks and dancing on cars. 

Two years ago, even Orange County was swept up in a blue wave. That wave won’t continue this year, but Democrats still have a future there.  

Two house seats that went to Democrats in 2018 will now likely return to Republican hands — Young Kim and Michelle Steel.

“Both of them are not really surprising,” says Gustavo Arellano, host of KCRW’s “Orange County Line.”

“With Kim, it was super close last time around. So she just pushed a little bit ahead. And now she's going to win. In Michelle Steel's district, it's Huntington Beach, she doesn't think coronavirus is that big of a deal. That gets you elected in Huntington Beach. And if you don't believe me, look at who Huntington Beach elected as their city council member: Tito Ortiz.”

Democrats still won some big races in OC, with David Min beating John Moorlach for a state senate seat, and Josh Newman winning his state senate race, too. Arellano says Democrats will have increasing growth in the county as they won big in small elections, such as school board. 

“The school boards are the minor leagues. From there, they start leaping up into City Council races and other races as well. In a couple of years, you're going to see the school board races bear fruit, and you're going to see even more Democrats running for even bigger offices.”