Art made on Tongva land highlights past, present, future

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“Tovaangar” by Adrienne Kinsella highlights the Tongva villages that once existed in the LA basin. Image courtesy the artist.

The Iridescence of Knowing” opens this week at Occidental College, highlighting creations — such as historical craftwork and performance art — made on Tongva land. Mercedes Dorame and Joel “Rage.One” Garcia are the curators, bringing together artists from across generations. 

“We're trying to give the viewer entryway, an invitation, but also a provocation to know us, to not think of the Tongva people as something that exists in the past or in a history book,” says Dorame. 

“Lepo Lepo” by Leah Mata Fragua. Image courtesy of the artist.

“Jaáji” by Sky Hopinka. Image courtesy of the artist.