Catholic school made this writer support abortion rights

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“I do think killing people is bad. I also happen to think the Catholic Church should be the last people who should be lecturing anyone on killing people,” Gustavo Arellano tells KCRW. Photo by Shutterstock.

Growing up Catholic shaped columnist Gustavo Arellano’s opinions on abortion. He says he took catechism classes in Anaheim in the late 1990s, and instructors said abortions were morally sinful in all circumstances. They showed a graphic anti-abortion video, which angered him. He says the film was propaganda meant to shock viewers into complacency, and it didn’t work on him. Instead, he walked away with a new perspective on abortions. 

“I still consider myself Catholic, even though nowadays I only attend Mass for funerals. Abortion is a tragedy on multiple levels, yet too many people focus only on the procedure and not the human who undergoes it. That’s why I support anyone who has an abortion, because it’s not my choice to impose on them, and it’s a personal decision they should make without fear for their freedom,” he writes in his latest LA Times column