‘Witch Hunt’ is a creative cauldron of feminist artists — on display at 2 LA museums

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“Witch Hunt” is a new exhibition curated by Connie Butler from the Hammer Museum and Anne Ellegood from the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (ICALA). It started with one question: What does it mean to be feminist in the age of Donald Trump?

The exhibit has been in the works since 2016, the year Trump was elected, and it starts with rage that Trump elicited in many Ameicans, explains Lindsay Preston Zappas, founder and editor-in-chief of Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles and KCRW’s art insider.

“The title is kind of coming from this reclaiming of a phrase Trump tweeted actually 350 times throughout his presidency: ‘Witch Hunt.’ And he kind of co-opted that term that historically has been used to bring harm to women, and co-opted it to kind of turn himself into the victim,” she says. 

“Witch Hunt” features the work of 16 feminists artists from around the globe. “Resistance is really at the core, and each of these artists have this kind of boldness within their artwork to be heard, and kind of explore the nuances and how we think about gender,” she says. 

The exhibition is on view now through January 9 — at both the Hammer Museum and ICALA.